Help me to find a laptop please

3rd gen quad i7 is a must

GPU equal to or better than Nvidia GT650m

atleast 4 GB ram (I have extra ram sticks to bring it up to 8)

500 GB 5400 RPM atleast
(I bought this to replace the stock HDD )

Battery Life does not matter

Screen Size 14-17

Resolution 1366x768 or higher

Price 900 (Would prefer cheaper)

I have had issues with Lenovo so I will NOT buy directly from them. At first they didnt want to take my debit card (worked fine on newegg and everywhere else Ive been) then they have delayed my order twice! So I am done with them.... Thanks for any help!

These are the 2 I have found so far

Thanks for any help!
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    Lenovo Y580 is a great choice. 660M is notably faster than 650M
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  3. I ended up buying this

    I almost bought this

    But i did not like how they handle credit cards so i decided to just get the one at CC. I also like staying around 800$ since I have alot of extra ram and HDDs to upgrade it with.
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