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Old T42 Upgrade?

Hello All, I have a broken old IBM T42 Thinkpad Laptop and was wondering if there was a replacement motherboard for it that would allow me to put completely new parts in it. I like the case of this laptop a lot more than the new Thinkpad cases. From what I remember it was also pretty popular when it came out.

So again I am not looking to buy a new laptop, I a wondering if there are any upgrade options at all for my old computer.

Brand: IBM Thinkpad
-Model: T42
-Bought From/Price: Craigslist, $120
-OS: Windows XP
-CPU: Pentium M 1.8 Ghz
-GPU: Ati Radieon mobility 7500
-Resolution: 1024x800... I think? 15" display I am pretty sure.
-RAM: 1024 Mb
-Usage:(Gaming, Internet, Office Apps, General computer applications)
-Real World Battery Life (in your estimation): 4 hours
-Your Rating (out of 10): Old but defiantly really great 8/10 if you discount the old technology in it.
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  1. light it on fire and run
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    Hi :)

    My shops used to sell T40/41/42 s..

    No upgrade I am afraid apart from some extra ram... too old for anything else...

    Good lappies in their time though, but that was 10 years ago...

    All the best Brett :)
  3. @spentshells. Haha, thanks for the helpful information ;)

    @Brett928S2 Thanks for the info Brett, I guess there is no replacement parts for them.

    Darn I was hoping they would have some new motherboard that would accept modern components but oh well.
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