Value of NOS Super Pac CPO on Ebay

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It's been quite awhile since I've posted here and it's been quite awhile
since I've done anything really game-related and I wanted to ask a question.
I see that repro versions of the Super Pac CPO are being sold on Ebay by I have an NOS copy I was thinking about dumping on Ebay and
was curious what the fair value should be. I remember they used to be *Very*
hard to find and I paid really good money for the one I have (and it is in
excellent condition). Just curious what the going rate should be.


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    Because of the repros available, NOS value has gone down. Don't expect
    much more than the repros are getting.
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    Waaaaay prior to the repro by TwoBits (which is ok, but not great) I
    paid $78 for one on eBay. Keep in mind that was in 2001, though....
    lots changed since then.
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