Please rate my gaming rig.

Please rate my gaming computer 1-10

P4 2.53
Radeon 9700pro
1gig 3000/333mhz ddr ram
XP home
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  1. wow no sound cdrom \ rw or hard drives ??
    seriously in addition what mobo what brand ram etc etc also what psu all these make a difference

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  2. Um, this is ridiculous.

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  3. ya, no sh!t, bragging's for 12-year olds.
    Don't forget to do your homework.
  4. loo that was exactly my thought too when I first read it

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  5. Dude, your rig sucks.

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  6. If it's not a DELL, you might not be able to play newer games like Half Life with it. Frogger should work though!

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