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I'm in the market to buy a new laptop and I don't want to spend any more than $1,500. Something light (under 6lbs), lasting battery life (3hrs or more) and cool running. What would you guys suggest? Thanks

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  1. what are you using it for? 14" 15" screen? wireless nic?
  2. Mostly just for internet surfing and running basic apps for school. I may use it for viewing movies and music from time to time. No gaming will be involved though.

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  3. Pentium-M 1.4 (1.5) GHz, 384-512MB RAM, 15" Display, Separate Graphics Controller (not advanced, like Mobility Radeon 9000 etc.) Wireless/ethernet etc. Find one with all these, and then decide about the looks and reviews etc. Take a look at Dell, Compaq (HP)... Toshiba and IBM (more expensive)... perhaps not Sager... Acer could be worth a look. I say Compaq & Dell.


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  4. Thanks for the advice!

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  5. eMachines is for you. Best price/performance ratio in the world right now.
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