GB EP45-UD3P Windows 7 Raid 0 BSOD Prob

G'day guys, i currently have 1x 500gb that runs my windows 7 build 7600 and 1x 1500gb hd for storage.

I have a gigabyte EP45-UD3P motherboard.

I just bought 2x1TB drives that i want to run in a RAID 0.

So i put them in and set it to raid in bios then configured the raid by going to ctrl I and setting the raid 0 as ive done this before for a RAID 5. Then i launched windows, get to the windows logo and it blue screens of death and says 0x0000007B

It also does the same thing on windows 7 RC.

any ideas why it wont load the RAID and it BSOD?

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  1. I have a similar problem with my mobo GA-EP45-UD3. "Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor Beta" says that "gigabyte GGB36X controller JMicron Tech" should be updated, so first I downloaded from Jmicron site the driver and tried to install it from USB stick, but the Win7 installation said, that it was not compatible. Now I have downloaded a similar driver from, a driver for gigabyte GGB36X. The file is "motherboard_driver_sata_gb_sata2raid_ep45.exe".
    If it works I will know in 15 minutes, but maybe this info is useful to you.
  2. g'day guys, finally found an article after hours of searching.. :)\

    Here it is if your interested:

    How to Enable Intel ICH RAID After Installing Windows
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