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I've decided to upgrade my PC's (4GB)Hard Drive for the first time. My plan was this, (1)Buy a new Drive and a legit copy of WinXP (2)Remove the old drive (3)Insert the new drive (and possibly a new DVDROM and Video Card) (4)Install XP on the new drive.

Recently I heard that the BIOS remembers what hardware you have on your pc to aid in startup. Should I reformat my old hard drive before installing the new one to avoid this problem, or is it even a problem at all?

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  1. I would recommend doing a fresh install thus remove and create new partition. This way everything will run mickey mouse from the start. No need to reformat the old one.

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  2. The bios will auto detect the new hard drive and dvd rom.
  3. The BIOS remembers what hardware you had, and checks for changes. If it finds changes it updates itself, which takes a few seconds more the first time. It's really no big deal.

    I think Rramjet misread the question, there's no need to do anything to your old hard drive if you're doing a fresh install on the brand new one. Even if you're keeping it in the machine as a secondary drive, you can leave it as it is if you want with no problems.
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