XP reboots spontaneously...

I just performed a complete and new install of XP Home on my new WD HDD. I was working an application when my system suddenly displayed “rpc” and suddenly shut down. I had no data files on the hard drive and had no connection to the web. My system had not been up more than 15 minutes.
Is this a virus from an unknown source or a BIOS or chipset induced error?
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  1. Sounds like it may be a bad install. is it still doing it or did it just do it once.
  2. This is the second install of XP...the first install ran fine for about 2 years then this message appeared" rpc system error, system will shut down, save doc". This problem appeared only after subscribing to Verizon DSL by the way. Dont know if that is related but thought Id mention it. The install was straight from the XP Factory CD and XP formatted and partitioned the Hard Drive as well. NTFS. Maybe there is an answer in the MS Knowledge Base?
    Any help is appreciated. Could the factory CD be corrupt? Dunno.
  3. RPC virus/exploit.

    <A HREF="http://www.microsoft.com/security/incident/blast.asp" target="_new">MS Blaster Worm</A>

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  4. I'd say Blaster as well, but... you had a fresh install and no web connection? You'd NEVER been online, or on a network, with this particular install?

    If it's a genuine CD and none of your installer CDs had viruses, and the HD was fresh, this is a real stumper. You have to get Blaster from *somewhere*...
  5. It's not related. You connected to the internet and your machine was infected the same way many others have been. If you don't download the specific update for this exploit or if you don't have antivirus/firewall protection, you will get re-infected... no matter how many times you reload. That is, unless the machine(s) infecting you get themselves fixed. If you're not on the internet, you shouldn't experience the problem... but of course you can't download the update without being on the net.

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