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Hi there all - now im just going to ask about the old GeForce to Quadro hack that i heard about somewhere - like switching a resistor somewhere on your GeForce which unlocks the id pin - allowing the Os to recognise it as a quadro and thus use all the extra features - what are peoples general thoughts on this?

(i have a GeForce and am thinking of doing said hack ;P)
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  1. I did this to my Creative Annihilator SDR. It's not particularly hard assuming that you can solder pretty small parts. Next chance I get I'll pull my board out and check what resistors you switch if you'd like to know. Another thing: you can only use Detonators or cracked Elsa drivers (get 'em from I think) after the hack, so if you like your Creative or Guillemot or whatever drivers you'd be out of luck.
  2. Thats cool - i already know which resistors i have to solder - but do you know what will happen to my TV out?- i do use this once in a while to record stuff :I - and i only use dets anyway :)
  3. All the info you need for "GeForce/GeForce 2 -> Quadro/Quadro2 "

    <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

    Image Quality of Quadro Hacking Cards ( 15/09/2000 )

    SPECviewperf and SPECapc Test of the Hacked GeForce/GeForce2 ( 27/08/2000 )

    Chip ID of the NVIDIA Based Card ( 22/08/2000 )

    Essentials of Modifying that GeForce/GeForce2 to a Quadro/Quadro2 ( 16/08/2000 )

    GeForce/GeForce2 -> Quadro/Quadro2 Database

    GeForce/GeForce2 -> Quadro/Quadro2 Message Board

    Turn your GeForce 256/ 2 GTS/ 2 MX into a Quadro/ 2 Pro/ 2 MXR ( 28/07/2000 )

    Hack GeForce 2 GTS to Quadro2 Pro and SPECviewperf 6.1.1 Benchmarks ( 22/07/2000 )

    Hack GeForce 256 to Quadro and SPEC-APC ( Pro/ENGINEER 2000i ) Benchmarks ( 12/07/2000 )

    Hack GeForce 256 to Quadro and SPECviewperf 6.1.1 Benchmarks ( 7/07/2000 )
  4. hey thanks tnaw - you da man! :)
  5. Tom, this hack seems to fit your site perfectly. how about doing a review (much like the Promise ata66 -> RAID controller hack). If this is indeed a creditable hack and given the benchmarks I saw it may answer my previous question about a crossover card between gaming and prof. CAD. (for less than $1800-$4500 (like the Oxygen cards)).

  6. Hi guys,

    I'm new to this forum, and to the Geforce family.

    Can anyone tell me what I can expect by going from a GeForce to a Quadro?

    More, from where I live, connecting to Geocities is restricted. Is there anyway to get around?
  7. Yes indeed if Mr Thomas Pabst could look into it that would be very cool indeed - unless of course getting more publicity about it would make Nvidia decide to make ways towards stopping the practice - yet i cant see how they could....hmmm
  8. I have a GeForce 2MX in my 2nd PC. Would it work with this card? (I'm dissatisfied with the performance compared with the GTS in my main PC!).
  9. you could expect better fps in games and just a wee bit more heat coming off of the card. i'd invest in another fan and mabey think about keeping a fire extinguisher near by.
  10. lol @ the fire extinguisher!

    Well the main benefit is in 3d apps due to the quadros extra capabilities, yet ive been thinking about the hack and a question has raised itself:

    I have a Leadtek DDR 32Mb with TV out, I'm under the impression that the TV out feature is within the Bios of my card, but obviously when i hack it - win2k will recognise my card as a Quadro and install the quadro drivers.

    Now the Crux is.... Do the Quadro Drivers support TV out? - or will i have to add some registry file to enable it?
  11. I have an Elsa Erazor X2 and i switched my resistors. With a steady hand it's pretty simple and it works extremely well.

    "upgrading is no longer an's a necessity"
    --SoulReaper =)
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