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Hi All,

I'm planning on building a new system and would like to incorporate an SSD drive. Because they do wear out from writes, I'd like to configure Win 7 so that all writes go to another regular hard drive. ( I use my PC > 12 hours a day)

I haven't had the opportunity to use/install Win 7 so I'm looking for some good articles or how toos on how to configure Win 7 to place all of the write activities to another non-SSD drive.

Also any feed back on slicing up the HUGE drives now for performance, if there is any would be appreciated too.

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  1. Here is a decent guide to help optimize Win7 for SSD's:

    For slicing up large hard drives, just keep in mind that the outer rim of the platters (the first to fill up) spins faster than the inner platters and therefore offer the best performance. Some people like to "short-stroke" their platter drives to maximize performance. Basically, you create a partition that uses only the outer sectors of the hard drive platters. Not really worth it in my book, but here ya go:

    Short Stroking: How It Works
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