Gladiac Geforce2 and IE5.5

I have an Elsa Gladiac Geforce2 card on an Asus A7V board and T-bird processor. I also have WinMe with IE5.5. I upgraded the graphics driver to the Detonator 3 drivers and since then I have noticed that IE locks up at very annoying times. It always happens when I have 2 or more IE windows open and sometimes when I have only one. It seems to wait until I am doing something important or I am in a hurry. I have not noticed any other programs having problems with the new driver. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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  1. WinMe is sucks. Try Win2k. It supports the latest drivers very good, and it is very stable system.
  2. Make sure you've got VIA's latest 4in1 drivers. Also, try defragging. I know it sounds wierd, but on my parents' comp it has made it slightly more stable sometimes.
  3. In the internet options unclick use smooth scolling - also download the latest updates for I.E 5.5 using windows update for windows ME
  4. I did not think of the smooth scrolling--I will try it.
    I am as up to date as possible. Thanks.

  5. I am a gamer. Win2k is not ready for a lot of high end games. Thanks.

  6. I’ve had the same problem; I fixed it by going to AGP 2x :( do you know if the scroll issue is a known bug within IE? Or was it just something that worked for you? I’d really like to re-enable 4x however stability is more important...
  7. Try dual booting. Or ditch games :smile:

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  8. ctrl-alt-del look for wscript stub process, or a network.vbs in start up menu: Someone may have clicked a banner ad and you're making calls to a saturated server.

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  9. Dual boot
    Ditch games
    He's a gamer.
    Do you have a Dorckiac 32 mb gts ddr?
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    Defend your position, Man.

    You mean ME and 2k? Do you think he's better off with 98se?
    If he rules out the alien .vbs, I think he'd benefit by going to 98 se.

    ME is so hamstrung, I fail to see it's utility.
    Back me up here.

    Also, if the card works well in a gaming enviorn, my guess is it would be browser errata.

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  10. I use win98 and win2k, firstly win2k is better at pretty much everything. Secondly, I think it is unfair to say that win2k is 'unready' for high end games. Firstly it was never intended as a gamers platform. Secondly, it is ready. I notice hardly any performance drops in Q3, Q2, unreal etc. The only problem is that Half-Life refuses to run. Period.

  11. WinME is just a bug fix for Win98SE. I did have to disable the system restore garbage and it has worked great for me. The problem is only IE5.5. I haven't had a problem with any other programs.

    Slow up the boot process with a dual boot? Ditch games which is the reason I built this system in the first place?
    You must be joking!

  12. update your moboBIOS
  13. I have problems with IE 5.5 locking up as well. IT doesn't seem to be driver related as I've tried all of them. I can tell you that it locks up when I use the scroll wheel in Hotmail almost every single time. That is with the latest mouse drivers too. How ironic that my Microsoft mouse locks up Microsoft's Hotmail and internet browser. Hehe. I am using a TNT1 by the way.
  14. ctr+alt+del. Look for notepad. Close it and everything should be fine. I know it sounds stupid, but with IE5.5 it sometimes when running multiple wins it opens notepad and seems to freeze. When I close it everything runs as if nothing happened.
    t-bird @ 935
    128meg PC100
    asus A7V
    Hope it helps.
  15. I have updated the motherboard, 4in1, and every other driver. I am convinced it is the video driver. Hopefully, Nvidia will come out with some updated drivers soon.

  16. Another poster suggested turning off smooth scrolling in IE 5.5. It seems to have worked for me.

    You'll find the option under tools: internet options: advanced.

    I think I prefer IE 5.0x.
  17. I use Windows 2000 and it is the ultimate OS for just about everything unless you want to throw away compatibility and go for Linux.

    Windows 2000 may not be a 'gamers platform' but take note that it is always supported by the latest drivers except from ATI

    I've run:-

    Quake III Arena
    Red Alert II
    Soldier of Fortune
    Asherons Call
    Deus Ex

    and loads more. I've not run across one game that's come out lately that doesn't work on win2k.

    Of course its much more stable than ME, win98, and you can make use of extra RAM better because it knows how to manage it unlike the others.

    You can make use of dual processors too.

    I've not found any downsides in Win2k yet and its a cool OS.

    Oh yeah and Halflife will run on Win2k, you just have to install a patch otherwise it says you need Service Pack 3
  18. Since you've had this problem for a while this solution may be simplistic, but reinstall IE5.5. My parents computer was doing what sounds like the same thing yours is doing.


    IE would stall not blue screen just freeze up. At first I thought it was something they were doing wrong, but it started occuring every session. Pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL would give me no clue as to what wasn't responding, so I thought it was a system device or a driver.
    Anyhow I just reinstalled IE5.5. I did that over a week ago, no more problems.
  19. I have Win2k+Sp1, IE5.5+Sp1, latest VIA latest sp and here's the games I'm able to play with no problems (in fact no game caused a problem to date):

    Half-life Counterstrike
    Baldur's gate
    Icewind dale
    Diablo II
    Age of empire : Ages of king
    Planescape Torment
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