Laptop can't find network adapter after clean windows 7 install


I upgraded my laptop yesterday with a new ssd and after a clean windows 7 install it can't detect the wlan adapter.
What I have already done:
- Reinstalled 3 different versions of atheros wlan drivers
- Reinstalled windows 7 again...
- screwed my laptop back open to check if there was a network card in the area... (nope)

Please help me,

thanks in advance.

Ps. I have n56v laptop and an atheros wlan adapter
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  1. Which laptop model do you have precisely? there are a few "v" versions of your laptop.
  2. n56vz-S4035v
  3. danny2000 said:

    I have, sadly they didn't work for me. It gives an error message at the installation that I have to put in my network adapter. I have considered that it might be an hardware error. But I didn't touch it while installing the ssd. So I doubt thats the issue. I did use a normal w7 edition that didn't came with the laptop. But its also home premium x64.
  4. Does it show in Device Manager? any yellow splats or unknown devices?
    Do you have any cd/dvd that came with the laptop?
  5. I would also first, install the "Chipset" driver from the link that I provided.

    Another basic thing, are you sure that you have the wireless switch turned-on on the laptop?
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