FS: Various Artwork (side-art, CPOs, bezels, etc.)

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Here are some various pieces of artwork I have for
sale or trade. I'm open to offers and will agree
to "sweeter" deals for folks wanting more than one
or two items. Hmmm... the more I think about it,
why don't I just say $100 for the lot. If you
only want a specific part, then make me an
reasonable offer. As for trades, I could use a
really nice Pac-Man mini CPO, really nice Pac-Man
mini bezel, Robotron mini marquee, Robotron mini
CPO, etc.

I do have some pics of these for anyone seriously

- NOS Taito bezel (not sure what game it's for, but
it has space ships on it, mentions 2 buttons (Fire
and Weapons Select <7 weapons to choose from>),
says "Made in USA", but doesn't have a Copyright
date. The game is VERTICAL. I have pics of this,
but the artwork isn't easy to see because of the
protective paper on the front.

- Thunder Fox (Taito, 1990) - Thick cardboard with
artwork on top of it, in fair to usable condition,
and has extra instruction stickers attached to it.

- Bezel for some type of race car game (Red Car and
Blue Car are mentioned at the top along with finish
line flags and "Lap Counters". I reviewed the
Atari pics on KLOV of various Sprint games and none
match and Super Sprint doesn't have a good enough
picture, but the bezel is for a horizontal game.
Can't find any manufacturer or copyright name on it,
but this may have been trimmed down (it's the fairly
thin cardboard style).

- Black Tiger (ROMSTAR) cardboard bezel - Looks in
decent shape, but appears to be been cut one both
sides, near the bottom of the horizontal opening to
make it shorter, but still has nice instructions.

- Shinobi (Sega, 1987) cardboard bezel, good condition.

- Tiger Road (ROMSTAR) cardboard bezel, complete, but
has bend line near bottom (not terrible).

- RoboCop - 2 sides, look nice.

- ROMSTAR - 1 side, conversion side-art with yellow,
orange and red grids above and below "ROMSTAR".
Looks nice.

- Cabal (Fabtec) - 1 side and looks nice.

- Data East - 1 side, conversion style w/"DC" in a
circle with "Data East" below it. Looks nice.

- Black and red CPO with army guys, plane, tank, etc.
in the middle (like you're looking through a pair
of binoculars). Great condition.

- Motorcycle CPO - 1 or 2 players and artwork shows
the front of a motorcycle like you're sitting on
it, but it has lots of gadgets. Also, says "Brake"
and "Throttle" or both upper left and upper right
of the CPO. Great condition.

- Super Bros. cardboard artwork that stood on top of
Nintendo cabs (Vs. or PlayChoice, I assume). Says
"New" on both left and right sides.
- Cut-down pieces from KLAX cardboard bezel and CPO.
I'm not sure why the operator kept these, but maybe
somebody could use them.
- Black cardboard monitor surround (looks like an
Atari upright, but in fair shape)
- 6-10 of the silver, cardboard style shields that
were sometimes installed around boards, the
bricks, etc. in the bottom of cabinets, etc.

Scott C.
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  1. Archived from groups: rec.games.video.arcade.marketplace,rec.games.video.arcade.collecting (More info?)


    Need a robo mini bezel NOS?


  2. Archived from groups: rec.games.video.arcade.marketplace,rec.games.video.arcade.collecting (More info?)

    Brent, Thanks for the heads-up. I ended-up
    buying an NOS on ebay a few months ago (paid
    too much). Now, if I can only find a Robotron
    mini marquee and Stargate mini bezel. I had
    one and sold it and now I need one (Murphy's


    Scott C.

    BrentRadio wrote:
    > Scott,
    > Need a robo mini bezel NOS?
    > http://www.usamusement.com/nos_list.htm
    > Brent
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