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Here is my current situation. I use a HP Paviolion dv6 for all my computer uses and have owned it for a couple years now so it is out of warranty. Whenever I use the laptop, the fan makes a lot of very annoying noise and anything potentially intensive such as gaming at minimum settings, ripping discs, or playing movies or shows, makes it blow out a lot of hot air which has a peculiar odor to it and the entire left side of the laptop keyboard surface is hot to the touch. I'm looking to replace the current thermal paste with something that's likely to be a higher quality than whatever the company puts on it, while also giving it a deep cleaning and modding the underside of the laptop to install a thin fan capable of moving more air at a lower db than the current fan. What are your thoughts or suggestions for doing this. I shouldn't think that this will cost a great deal of money, <$100 probably.
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  1. Hmmm... There's really no much you can do with that - replacing the thermal paste will help, but I would be amazed if you could find another fan that would work/fit in there.
  2. if you're ok with opening the laptop and removing the heat sink to re-apply thermal paste and blow out the fans that may help... they sell laptop stands with fans in them that plug into the USB port for power too, that may help.

    if it doesn't i would just get a new laptop, with moderate use they're lucky to last more then 2-3 years.
  3. @DarkSable: I'm not really looking to actually replace the fan that's currently installed, this project would be more of a modification to make it perform better.

    @Ohmybad: I have tried using laptop stands but it is a bit unwieldy for my tastes and as far as replacing it with a new laptop, I've already decided that this will be the last time that I actually do buy a laptop for day to day use.

    Does anyone know how I could go about powering the fan after I install it is mainly what I'm looking to get ideas on right now. Whether its plugging the fan into a free usb port or soldering the fan wires to power wires inside the case.
  4. The LORD of all hosts has blesseth my mom with me modding a Targus Dual Fan Chill Mat. Instead of the original 2 built-in fans on a USB 5 volt power, it now has 3 fans with each its own power. 1 fan underneath the laptop has 7.5v. The other fan under has 8v. The last big fan has 10v blowing straight cool air from outside into the side vent of the laptop machine. Tests under idle condition shows 20 degrees to 40 degrees Fahrenheit reduction. You would need 3 separate power adapters to make this type of design. One for each voltage. The Targus Dual Fan Chill Mat is really flexible. It can handle almost double the spin it was designed to spin at. So that is why I only clocked it at up to 8v instead of 5v. It is a modest gain however the improvements are vast. The big fan must be bought from one of those case fans. It takes around 10v adapter. Bless God for blessing my mother, and thank him for blessing me with the talent to share this cool design with you. May I continue to do God's will.
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