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I have a Thinkpad T61, I was using my laptop the other day in its docking station and it suddenly Powered down, I mean just shut off, hard drive span down, no error message and all power lights on the machine turned off. I took it off the University with me. Then when I turned it on it would get the the windows loading screen and then shut off in exactly the same way as before and it wouldn't even turn on again until i took the battery out and put it back in. I tried every combination of battery in with, and without power supply, with just power supply and battery out and the same thing still happens. I have tried booting it up in safe mode and the same thing still happens then. I plugged it back into the docking station and it all worked fine again, but this keeps happening and I can't use it again until I plug it back into the dock. Does anyone have any ideas on what could be happening??

Thanks in advance for your help. Rich.
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  1. It's not a software issue, it's a hardware issue. You need a new battery.
  2. But it still does it without the battery in, and i have tried 2 different batteries and it still does it
  3. You have to get it checked. Take it in. Is it still under warranty? Take it in and see what they say. This doesn't seem like something you can fix yourself.
  4. No, it isn't under warranty and I have upgraded many of the parts anyway.
  5. All the more reason to get it checked. If you've upgraded many of the parts AND changed the battery twice AND its still giving you issues, then take it them and let them sort it out.
  6. Who should I give it too? It's a laptop I was given when I was working at my old company?
  7. The Thinkpad T61 is a Lenovo Laptop. You have to go to a Lenovo showroom and ask them to help you. Otherwise you have to go to an electronic showroom (that sells lenovo laptops) and ask if they can assist you.
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