XP to Win 7... can't open old files on external

WTF... I cant access all the movies that i had saved to my external hard drive since i've upgraded to windows 7 from xp. All the programs that i had save still worked and i have access to all the docs and pics i had on it. But it won't let me play my movies? they are mostly avi, wmv and divx. All the standard formats. I've tied using vlc too? It says i need to change ownderships. I've transfered ownership to every file on the drive since those error messages to my windows 7 log in. Ive tried running all the media players as admin (even though i am the only user on the cpu). Nothing. I've even install Unlocker and the windows take ownership registry tool...nothing. I'm running windows 7 ultimate 64 bit and my external is an HP simple save 1 TB.
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  1. Right click on the folder they are in. Check the security settings on that folder, to make sure your user has rights to them.

    If this isn't the 'take ownership' tool that you used, try this.
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