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I'm getting a new laptop for Xmas and since my current PC is working perfectly I would like to sell it instead of stuffing it in a box and forgetting all about it. It is a Toshiba Portege, and I have it for less than 4 years. When I first bought it the price was £1,100 and it is still a good laptop so I'd feel bad If I just gave it away for parts. It is in good condition, has a touch screen, an intel core 2 duo 2.1 mhz chip, 2 gb ram, 120 hd, 12 inch 360degrees rotating screen among other things. I tried gumtree and craigslist but not ebay (because of the fees). Also, the price i set is £500 which is less than half from what i bought it. I could drop the price more but i think this is pretty fair for the specific laptop. Any ideas on where to list it, if there is a chance of anyone buying it to use it (even though it is a 4 years old model) and whether I should drop the price or just keep it for myself?

Thanks in advance, Faidra
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  1. You'll have to put it on a refurbished list, for it to sell. £500 may be all right. Keep it on the list at £500 for a while before reducing its price. The problem is, for £500, people would much rather get a new, more advanced/modern laptop, as opposed to buying a used one. Personally, I think if you really want to sell it, you're going to have to settle for around £350 or less. In spite of it being in good condition, it is a relatively old model and has been around for some time now. Your first choice should be amazon UK. Last resort, Ebay.
  2. Hi, thanks for the reply. I didn't know one can use Amazon! Unfortunately my product is not listed anymore so I can't really do that. Anyway, I had a few responses but didn't work out. I think I'll just drop the price more in order to sell it coz recycling just doesn't feel right! Thanks again!
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