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The company I work for gave me a computer. Of course it was a low-budget computer, but I can still use it as a second computer (i.e. for playing multiplayer games at home). We're talking about a intel 810 mainboard celeron 500 with integrated graphics and sound, the graphics being the main problem. I'd like to have at least some 3d-graphics, even voodoo 3 3000 or tnt2 would be enough, and I also would like to have tv-out, since I have a DVD-player (in my other pc, wich I could put in this one).
Since the intel 810 has no AGP and only 4 pci-slots, I have a problem. I have used 3 slots for network, isdn and soundcard, so what I want is a cheap, pci-3d-accelerator tv-out card. It seems they don't exist (at least they seem not to be available anymore in the Netherlands).

Does anyone know a solution? Does anyone know a geforce mx of ati radeon sdr pci with tv-out?
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  1. Hey,

    I wouldn't even bother to try to but in a video card. My friend has a system close to your specs. I put an ATI all-in-wonder in, and it was hell in a hand basket. The system didn't like the onboard video, and even when it was disabled it still had problems. If you really do need a card and won't mind shelling out some bucks, you can go with the ATI AIW, or One of my old cards was nice, see if you can pick up an old STB Velocity. It ran the Riva Chipset (Pre - TnT) and had tv out.

    Timothy Stankus
    One of the First AMD Athlon Users =)
  2. After performing a search on EBAY.COM for keywords geforce and PCI. I came up with the website www.Inno3D.com which is the homepage for the Hong Kong based company, InnoVision. They manufacture a Geforce 2 MX based card with a PCI interface.

    Here is a number for the distributor in Denmark.
    Tel: +45 49 15 05 05.

    Here is a number for the distributor in Sweden.
    PB Distribution AB
    Tel: +46-(0)-142-10955

    I couldn't find any dealer information.

    Good Luck.
  3. p.s. Innovision specifically claims to provide the graphics solution for owners of Intel 810 motherboards.
  4. I also have an Intel 810 with built in video, and just went through this. I installed an ATI all in wonder 128 pci with tv in/out. I was quite impressed with the speed of this combo. With a little research this is an easy install.
  5. thanks for the tips.

    I'll try to find a way to get the inoovision geforce mx.
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