ASUS N53SV Long boot time

Hi, I have problem with my notebook or system (system info on the picture) . Boot times are about 2-3 minutes. First thought was "start up programs", but Soluto and Event Viewer programs are showing me, its probably Main Path Boot Time. There are few things I tried with computer without any luck (everything learned from internet discussions):
1. all drivers and programs are up to date (even BIOS ),
2. start up programs was delayed (which I could delay),
3. restored computer yesterday,
4. clean install of win one week ago,
5. installed different antivirus,
7. run benchmarks if hardware run properly ,
8. safe mode (same long boot time),
9. install all windows updates,
10. HD tune is showing, everything is OK.

Hardware changes : only expanded RAM (same manufacturer, same frequency, same size)
Every event 100 in EV is critical or error. Details from one of them is on the picture.
Event 101 is mainly explorer.exe (20-30s), and sometime event 110 SMSSInit (around 40s),

* After start everything runs normally, only booting system is problem. Computer is starting like my oldest PC.
I don't know what to do , need your help. (sorry for grammar mistakes, still learning)
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  1. Hi :)

    Run a hard drive test in DOS...HIRENS CD etc...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. Hi, Hiren's boot CD - bad sectors 0, delays 0, other HDD testing tools didn't work properly. RAM test - Hiren's didn't work , that's why I tried as RAM test Scene render in Autodesk Inventor, It consumed more than 6GB of RAM, processor was runing on 100% and everything is OK. But, I saw one anomaly, my wi-fi adapter or its drivers suddenly crashed. After refreshing device manager list (3 times) and reinstalling drivers, it's working again.
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