Which laptop should i get for gaming, web&video editing

hi, I am going to buy a laptop in a couple weeks am i am asking some advice from the community. I want to play games like LoL, Smite, all CoD´s and some other games on high settings, do webbrowsing & schoolwork and maybe some video editing & photoshop. i would like to play games in the future on 1080p monitor. here are some laptops/ultrabooks i have found: (keep in mind i live in europe so i cant order newegg/amazon etc. or stuff)

1: acer timeline ultra m3 800 euro (ultrabook)
i5-2467M sandybridge
6 gb ddr3
500gb + cache ssd
gt 640m (i think it is kepler)
good batterylife
windows 7 (upgradeable to windows 8 free)
ms office 2010 full

2: asus s56cm 800 euro (ultrabook)
i5 3317u ivy bridge
6 gb ddr3
750gb + cache ssd
gt 635m
windows 8

3: lenovo z500 900 euro
i7 3632qm ivybridge
8gb ddr3
1 tb
gt 645m
windows 8

4:lenovo y400 (gaming) 900 euro
i7 3630qm ivybridge
8gb ddr3¨
1tb + cache ssd
gt 650m
windows 8
ultrabay (dvd drive can be swapped for extra battery or gt 650m sli (which costs more))


5: HP pavilion ultrabook 15 (700 euro)
i5 3317u ivybridge
8gb ddr3
500gb + ssd cache
gt 630m
windows 8
really cheap build

6: acer v5 700/650 euro
i5 3317u ivybridge
6gb ddr3
500 gb + ssd cache
gt 620m
windows 8/windows 7

all have 15.6 inch hd monitors

how huch do i loose on the budget laptops and is there any other models i should look at. which one is the best buy??

thank you :)
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  1. Hi :)

    None of those will play games well, unless you add ANOTHER 1000 Euros to your budget...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. Brett928S2 said:
    Hi :)

    None of those will play games well, unless you add ANOTHER 1000 Euros to your budget...

    All the best Brett :)

    i dont want a desktop replacement, i need something close to an ultrabook and i dont have the money for that. i need something with good windows 8 experience and decent gaming for a year atleast untill i buy a desktop
  3. If you want to play these games on high, you'll need to invest in stronger laptops (most ultrabooks aren't designed for gaming, so they don't handle it all that well).

    Based on what you posted, I'd say the Lenovo y400 with 650m SLI is your best bet, although it's been my experience that Asus generally has better quality builds.
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