Frustrating D3D issues (perhaps)

I have no idea what the problem is, i've tried all sorts of proccesses of elimination using more than 2 different systems, mixing & matching etc.... still no solution.

The problem? Constant lockups in 3D games. All sorts of games... I'll be playing away happilly, proud of my newly purchased hardware, then all of a sudden it's game over. The system just locks up, most of the time the sound keeps going to a certain point, but the graphic side of things comes to a halt. Very rarely a game will dump me back to the desktop, but 98% of the time it's reboot or nothing.

As mentioned earlier, I've tried all sorts of combinations, trying to pinpoint a suspect piece of hardware, but nothing yet suggests that any of my parts are faulty (except maybe motherboard/cpu i guess) but one thing I have noticed just recently is that it only seems to happen to games running in D3D... OpenGL games run fine, for as long as I leave them running, same goes for software mode, not that I consider that to be a worthy solution =).

I did have some issues recently with some conflicting AGP drivers and the VIA drivers I had loaded at the time, but that was somewhat fixed by new VIA drivers and loading the correct AGP driver... However I'm thinking something still aint right.

Any ideas?

Current system specs:

Abit KT7 m/b
Athlon (tbird) 800
asus v7100 Geforce2 MX
SBlive value
Quantumn fireball LM 20.5 gig
128 meg pc133
western digital 20 gig

It's a very frustrating problem, because when the games run, they run fine, better than anything any of my previous pc's have shown... but then they just stop. My thoughts are that if it was a hardware issue, they just wouldn't run at all... or run well at least.

Any help offered will be GREATLY appreciated...
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  1. why would you ever choose D3D over OpenGL? OpenGl beats D3D 10 fold. You answered your own question. Run everything in openGL and don't try running D3D. If you are running windows 2000, i highly suggest not running D3D. It makes your computer lag. IT's like playing doom2 on a 286. =)
  2. Is it? I thought most games nowadays are D3D optimized instead of OpenGL. Even 3D Studio MAX recommends D3D HAL. But if you find any problems using D3D, switching from D3D is not the solution. It is like saying "Oh doctor! My leg hurts when I move it!" Doctor:"Then don't move you leg." Problems has to be resolved, because he has the problem, and he is not getting what he purchased for. :smile: No offense.

    Anyway I had a MSI K7Pro or something and installed Banshee on it. It simply doesn't work. But when I changed to Asus K7V, the system rocks. And then I changed to Matrox G400MAX. Some mobos are simply incompatible with the parts you have. Or it may be the faulty mobo. I'm not sure. Make sure you reinstall everything and look what it turns out. Also try using conservative settings in the BIOS.

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  3. Well, Soulreaper, I would run everything in OpenGl if all the games i played supported it... most seem to only support D3D, is it possible to obtain some sort of "wrapper" or something to fix it?

    Also, I forgot to mention I was running win98SE... after installing win2k pro it seems to have gone away (the problem) although i then installed the newest via 4in1 i could find (425) and now 3dmark locks up (that wasn't even happening before). So i think i'll remove the 4in1's and try again, but it's definately a hell of a lot more stable under win2k, specially in D3D (who would have thought there was a solution to be found within a Micro$oft product!!)

    As for the incompatability with the mobo, i did consider that, but i also considered that I'm using a popular mobo, cpu and vidcard combination... I expected to see more ppl having the same trouble... the fact that there don't seem to be too many instances of this problem leads me to believe it is software related.

    yes I could have a faulty mobo, but I'd rather not look at it that way yet thanks... :)

    Thanks again...
  4. DirectX 8 is out...hehe. Doubt it'll
    fix it though. Might make it worse...
  5. i had the exact same problem. Ut would freshup every hour or so. i fixed this problem by updating my BIOS. now i don't have any lock-ups. PERIOD. i can even overclock my system without any problems. i highly recommend you update your BIOS.
  6. the story so far...

    Win2k, service pack 1, via4in1 (425a), VIA Hotfix, detonator 7.17, directx 8

    Now it's running worse than ever, 3dmark chugs like i've never seen before, not even on my old c400.

    Is there a particular order all this stuff should be installed in?
  7. Are you using a KT7 too? (not the raid version)

    Guess it won't hurt to flash... nothing else has worked yet...

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