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I have a Dell Latitude E6400 that was crushed. I was able to save the RAM (pc2-6400), Intel T9550 processor and the 128GB SSD. I have a barely used Latitude D830 that we purchased new 12/2007. I would like to know if the D830 is able to recognize the RAM at the full 800 MHz because I tried it and it only reads 667 in the BIOS? If there is a workaround or BIOS modification that takes the place of the AHCI option, which is not present, so we can access the SSD's ful potential? I know the processor will work but will it work to it's full potential? Any help would be appreciated!
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  1. The ram should work at its rated speeds but if it doesn't no huge loss for such a system. The SSD you might have trouble with as it might be hitting the max bandwidth of that older sata controller. I dunno if there is anything you can do as far as bios mods.
  2. The D830 only supported ddr2 667, so the 800 will work but will run at 667Mhz. AHCI is what you want with an SSD, and both system are Sata II(3Gbps).Also the T9550 may not work the 965 chipset in the D830 only support core 2 duos with an 800Hhz FSB the T9550 has a 1066 fsb, if it does work it will run @~2ghz.
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