Poor GeForce2 GTS preformance in DirectX

My roomate and I have just purchased GTS based boards. I have a 32MB version and my roomate has an Ultra. Neither of us can seem to get DirectX 3d media to work correctly.

The Ultra posts about 160FPS Unreal Tournament at 640x480 OpenGL with all visual quality options on, V-Sync Off. In DirectX, it can only get about 31FPS.

The system is a AMD Thunderbird 900 overclocked to 1GHz. Abit KT7 mobo, and 288MB PC133. 3DMark2000 only posts a 3500 score. I cant seem to find exact marks on toms site, but Firing Squad has comprable machines posting a 3DMark2000 score of 9000.

The issue may not be isolated to Direct3d. I believe that "The Sims" uses direct draw, and that game does not work either on a fresh 98 install.

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  1. I am having similar problems...if you find anything, plz let me know!

  2. Earlier today I left a post in the 'Memory' channel regarding my problem with Dircetx, a GeForce2 GTS and dis-similar SDRAM modules. This might be worth a look. Might not as well :smile:

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