RAGE 128

Ok boy's and ladys.
brief low down PIII 800{133} on a abit BE6 II rev1 128meg 133 1024 S/B.
oh yes and a rage 128 xpert/gl {this is whats giving me grief.}
i try to put the recommended latest driver in {from windows ME} and it takes all the ATI software out ie GL D3D so on.
no quake what will i do.
so does anyone out there in the real world know how to get both bits of software to work hand in hand, or know of a better driver than ME.
please help
thanks ken
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  1. I believe that this is addressed on ATI's site. Put the old drivers (the latest for win98) onto the system. That will restore the open gl drivers. Btw, ATI has the worst driver support that I have ever seen. Limited experience, but I won't be buying an ATI again. Good luck.

  2. Go here...


    and try Lightspeeds drivers.

    I had a Rage Fury before getting my Radeon and those are the one's I used.
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