upgrading tnt2 driver problems

when upgrading the driver for my CL tnt2 ultra i run into a problem that locks the resolution and refresh rate at 640x480 at 60hz. basically the default mode.
NOTHING can change it. i have tried variuos combinations of
installing/uninstalling cl drivers and nvidia drivers.. i cant get unstuck!!
i sure i must have hosed the install. but how do i fix it and what did i do wrong?
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  1. hey i have the same problem with my cl tnt2 ultra, the only way i know of getting around this is to remove all your drivers and the card and monitor from the system device manager, switch of your computer and remove the graphic card and boot up with no graphic card so that it bleeps at you, switch off and replace your card, boot up again and windows should find the card, cancel when it asks you for the drivers and use the cd that came with your card and then install the drivers by locating the setup on the cd!
    I hope this helps
    good look!
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