How to tell if a laptop have HD4000?

Hi! I really want to buy the Lenovo Ideapad Y500 and now there is a pretty good deal for my preferred configuration.

This laptop have an i7 3630QM and an Nvidia 650M (optional SLI). I've seen that virtually any recent laptop that have a dedicated nvidia card also make use of the integrated one for power saving reasons. Do you think that this laptop uses also the HD4000?

I'm really interested in this issue because intel drivers in linux are better than nvidia (for example, suspending to ram works and it's not glitchy).

I've found also a screenshot like this that worries me a bit because it doesn't show an intel HD4000 card under display adapters.
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  1. Yes it does

    Graphics Specifications

    Processor Graphics Intel® HD Graphics 4000
    Graphics Base Frequency 650 MHz
    Graphics Max Dynamic Frequency 1.15 GHz
  2. Yes it does. But HD 4000 aren't that good... Go for the NVIDIA.
  3. All 3rd generation Ivy Bridge mobile laptops come with the Intel HD 4000.

    All Ivy Bridge Core i3/i5/i7 CPU models starts with "3". For example, Core i5-3210m.
  4. guys.. I think what the OP is talking about is "switchable graphics" Where you switch from HD4000 to the Nvidia 650m depending on what your doing. IE: Gaming would use the 650m, Microsoft word would use the HD4000. It's suppose to be a power saving thing.

    Now as far as how to know what comes with what.. No idea lol. Just know that it's a feature. :).
  5. Check to see if it uses the NVIDIA Optimus gfx switching technology - if it does then the answer is yes.
  6. mesab66 said:
    Check to see if it uses the NVIDIA Optimus gfx switching technology - if it does then the answer is yes.


    Thank you Mesa I have been searching for a while for this and unfortunately if you don't have the right terms on google. No luck ;) haha. (knew about it, just not what it was called or how exactly it worked)
  7. by doing some research is seems that even if the HD 4000 is present there could be problems because Optimus is not compatible with SLI, and you may not be able to use the card at all.
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