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Hi! I have a toshiba satellite laptop (got it summer 2000). It is a pentium III, 192 MB ram.
Anyways, I was thinking of copying a few DVD's to my hard disk (maybe a better term would be DVD ripping). I want to save them in the DivX or Xvid format... Anyways, I have a few questions: What is the best software to do the job for me? Also, I was told that it would probably take up to 9 hours to rip one DVD. Is that harmful for my computer? I mean, would keeping the computer 'working hard' for that long harm it in any way? If yes, how? (keep in mind that I am planning to copy several DVD's, but of course, not consecutively). Also, I want to mention that I have a fan running under my laptop, so that lowers the mother board and CPU temp. (I didn't have a heating problem or anything, but I just thought, the cooler the better!)

Any info on the subject would be much appreciated :)
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  1. Hi, my favourite DVD Ripping software is DVD Decryptor, I'm sure you will hear other suggestions, but DVD Decryptor is easy to use, and seems to be quicker, IMO, than others. I don't think it will take 9 hours, it takes me a maximum of 40Min on an 8x DVD drive. Its not harmful to your notebook at all, your CPU is hardly being used anyway - its basically like using your DVD drive to play a 80minute Audio CD, the only thing that works hard when ripping a DVD, is the DVD drive, and it works just as hard when you watch a DVD movie... Just remember that you need a good 6-10GB of space depending on the DVD.

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  2. Try Clone DVD. It has the decryter built right into the software.

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  3. I think he is reffering to the Entire Ripping and Encoding process using divx.

    I use Smart ripper to rip,
    virtual dub and xvid codecs with 128 mp3 sound.

    If I use 2 pass encoding, it takes about 4X the length of the DVD. ie 90Minute DVD = 360Minutes = 6 Hours, + about 5 Minutes to Rip with smartripper, and 15 minutes to rip the Sound with DVD-AVI software.

    In total no more than 7 Hours per DVD using 2 pass encoding.

    or 4 Hours using 1 Pass CBR encoding.


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  4. Ok, do you mean you use DivX or Xvid

    ...the Entire Ripping and Encoding process using divx.

    ...virtual dub and xvid codecs...

    I use DVD Decryptor, as I said, and then Xmpeg 5 to encode, using DivX codec and 128kbps MP3, Single pass, encoded to just over 700MB. Usually takes about 1.2X the length of the DVD to encode (10 minutes ripping, and 24-28fps encoding).


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