When i plug in mic to my computer sound doesnt work

I recently purchased a mic to use with my laptop and everytime i plug the mic in it records sound but my laptop doesnt pu out any sound. Whenver the mic is plugged in the laptop speakers or my headphones have no sound. And as soon as i unplug the mic i can hear what i recorded. Why would this be?
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  1. I have a Yeti Snowball (i think) microphone that goes over USB and it has a headphone in jack. When I first plugged it in, it insisted on outputting all of my computer sound through the Yeti microphone and not through my speakers.

    Check to see what your default speaker selection is.
    Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound -> Sound

    Make sure that your speakers are your default device and not your microphone (if your mic is anything like mine.)
  2. By default, windows does not play back the sound the microphone picks up.

    If you are on windows 7, you can enable feedback by right clicking the volume speaker icon, going to recording devices. Find your microphone in the list (if you talk, it should show activity next to the mic), right click it and go to properties. In there, one of the tabs will have an option to "Listen to this device", if you check this, you will hear your microphone in your speakers.
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