Sager or Asus for gaming laptop quality?

Hey guys, I am going to be purchasing a custom laptop from and I saw the Sager brand laptops. I've never heard of Sager, are they a good quality brand for laptops in general? Also how do they hold up with Asus? I was originally going to be getting an Asus one but I am open to other brands for quality laptops. But i'd prefer I get either an Asus or a Sager if Sager is good.

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  1. Never had either but very good reviews of both. I'd get the one that provides the most horsepower at your price point.
  2. Sager = Clevo.

    I have one and it's pictured in the review sticky:

    Also, Asus makes great notebooks if you ask me. Can't go wrong with either of them.

  3. get the sager.. it's the best bang for the buck and it is fully customizable compared to the Asus.. which is direct out of the box.
  4. Both are good. While Sager is usually the best performance for the price and is usually easier to upgrade. Asus has better support, Sagers is OK(better than Dell and HP), but not quite as good as Asus's.
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