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Hey guys i am looking for a gaming laptop. I have the dell XPS L502x and i dont know if its good enough, I need your guys advice. I was looking at alienware but i hear they are overly expensive and not the greatist laptop. I am wiling to spend 2000$ on a new one if mine isnt good enough. I dont know of any other good companies for gaming laptops but if you hvae one in mind plz let me know. I dont want a laptop that can specifically only handle gaming. I will be using it for school work as well, just keep that in mind. Cheers. :bounce:
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  1. Here are some from the top of my head:




    I like Sager's price/performance ratio, but any choice from them is good. And Sager equals Clevo in the USA. Also, Asus has very good gaming notebooks.

  2. ^you forgot xoticpc
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