Use my work laptop for Vid Editing?

My work just provided a new Dell Latitude E6430 for me. Specs - i5-3210M (HD4000) 500GB HDD and 4gigs ram on 32-bit win7 (they insist on 32-bit still). I'd like to use it personally for moderate video editing on the side. As I was told not to F with the current hard drive/windows installation i was thinking i can grab a 2nd hard drive caddy to replace the optical drive and throw an SSD in there for a dual boot setup with win7 x64 on the SSD for me, as i understand it editing off an SSD offers much better performance. Also I'd throw in 8-16 gigs of ram. I use Vegas Pro. Money wise, An SSD and some ram added to this system sounds great compared to building a new desktop. I don't need amazing speeds really.

So esentially would this system work well for editing?

i5-3210M (HD4000)
8-16gbs ram

Thanks for the input/advice
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  1. what is the video card requirement of the software?
  2. The site says "512mb graphics". However I've found a couple forms where people say its fine on HD4000, just not blazing fast, is that going to be a giant bottleneck? I'm certain I'd like to add more ram, but 8 or 16?
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