System Idle Process?

When i CTRL+ALT+DLT theres a task named "system idle process". the problem is that under the category of "CPU" it stays in the high 90s which i suspect is slowing down my system. I've noticed that my internet connection often "skips" and has gotten much slower and i think this "system idle process" is the reason for that. Anyone know what to do about this?
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  1. System Idle Process is exactly what it sounds like, it's supposed to stay near 100% when your system is IDLE. It isnt actually a running process, so much as it's a monitor of your systems free CPU %. It is not slowing down your machine. It's normal.
  2. he is correct.
    As far as the internet slowing it could be adware or spyware using up bandwith.
    You also might make sure auto update is turned off as this will use bandwith even though you cant see it running.
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