CRAZY nvidia D3 driver probs

Hey i just bought a 3D annihilator 2(geforce2GTS). The drivers that came with the card run fine, but when i try tp use the D3 drivers my computer frezes during 3D games. I can boot up and all run around the WWWs, but i cant play games, and playing games is the reason for buying a Gforce 2 GTS. i want the performance gain of the D3 driver! i am using the version from Nvidia's webapage. Any help would be great.
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  1. Try some different drivers, some of the detenator 3 drivers have known problems that for some reason dont work on some cards seemingly @ random. I would say look at but it seems to be down so you can either go to for the 7.17 drivers or get the official creative ones or stick with the default drivers which cant be that old..

    Please dont hurt me.....please
  2. well i tried the news D3 driver but still nothing. I still freze during games. Any other ideas would be great.
  3. 43 people have read this and i only get 1 anwser?
  4. I have a Leadtek GeForce 2 GTS card, and just installed the Nvidia 6.31 official drivers. Everything is working fine and gameplay is good. It also fixed a mouse pointer erratic movement that came with the 6.27 drivers. The 6.31 driver zip file comes with a readme file which gives specific step-by-step installation instructions. Also, per instructions, I did not uninstall the previous Leadtek (Nvidia) drivers in the ADD/REMOVE panel before installing the new version.
    I also studied the driver info at before gaining the courage to do this.
    Good luck.
  5. Sometimes removing video drivers can be a long stupid process. Because you're switching from Creatives to Nvidia's drivers its not the same as installing newer drivers from the same card maker. Updated drivers are usually newer versions of the same files/filenames. So you might have something left over or a pointer looking for something not there etc. it could be a registry pointer or a dll or whatever. I would also reinstall DirectX to make sure that its not associating with a file no longer there.
  6. I have a Hercules Geforce2/GTS 64MB with the same problem. I got the Detonator 3 Drivers from NVIDIA which all my games recommend, but all my games locked up. Especially KISS:Pyscho Circus. I went back to my old Hercules 5.12 drivers without uninstalling the D3 drivers and it seems to work fine. The only problem is that I don't have my overclock features available in my properties window. Let me now if you figure something out.
  7. I've installed the drivers from the Nvidia site into a Geforce 256 & a Geforce 256 annihilator pro.In both cases the PC didn't like it, going into safe mode etc.In the case of the "pro" I had to reinstall but both are OK now.
    Please note that installation isn't standard.You have to change the adaptor to "std PCI VGA" then reboot before you can even start installing the drivers.(see "readme")
  8. It is essential you uninstall the old driver before installing the new one. If you originally installed the drivers that came with your card, you may need to uninstall it using the add/remove programs in control panel. Check there and see if you have a listing for nvidia or creative or just video drivers.
    Before you install new drivers, make sure you are using the Standard PCI Graphics Adapter (VGA).

  9. I agree with Ravenprime, go with the standard vga drivers first and then after a reboot, load the new drivers. On a second note, the D3 drivers for my Geforce2 MX card cause a shutdown BSOD after playing any OpenGL games. I recommend using the manufacturer's drivers. IE: creative :(
  10. ALWAYS uninstall old drivers before updating to newer ones. If you have an unistall routinge available use it! Does it work sometimes takeing shortcuts? Sure, but why risk it? Do it the right way.
    2)install standard vga driver
    3)install new driver

    4) less headaches=more gaming time
  11. hey, don't blame if you really want someone help. not everyone know the answers.

    first of all, what kind of mainboard you're using ?
    if VIA chipset is in used, installed the lastest VIA 4-in-1 driver?
    most Det.3 prob. are related to this VIA driver.
    which ver. of Det.3 driver have you installed ?
    v6.47 suck. never use it. stick with v6.31

    good luck

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  12. got me a MSIpro board, with via kt133 and 4in1 drivers :-), yea i have been throught the unistall then install thingy, and the direct x thingy, but still crash and crash and crash and crash :-) thanx for the help
  13. install standard adaptor open your windows inf files and remove all video inf files nvagp.inf etc remove all other drivers uninstall or add remove programs restart and reinstall
  14. I recently had some problems with my D3 drivers - freezes, crashes in the control panel applet, etc. It was down to bits of an older driver version left in windows\system. You might try deleting nv*.* from windows\system then re-installing D3. You might also try the D3 pre-release drivers that produce better results in some systems...

    Also, check out, they've got some great tips for fixin' problems.
  15. You need to use the Creative Blaster control un-installer available for download at the creative website. This removes f**cked up registry problems. You may need to re-install your creative drivers just to un-ininstall them properly. Then go remove the graphics adapter, add new hardware and browse for your unzipped Nvidia drivers (whatever version you choose).
    You can tweak the settings in the 'display' settings by choosing the 'advanced' button.

    hope you sort it!
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