Need the best gaming laptop deal on Black friday for $800 budget

need advise please help!
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  1. nVIDIA® GeForce GT 650M GDDR3

    Is this a good graphics card for gaming laptop?
  2. is 660m significantly better than 650m?
  3. I think they're Gddr3

    I am torn between the lenovo y580 and the and this one

    Lenovo seems significantly better but it seems that the best retailers are selling it at a significant premium.

    The second one also seems to be built by xotic and I am unfamiliar with their brand.
  4. Do you know how to search for the best black friday deals on each of those? I'm looking them up on amazon and newegg but I'm hoping there's a better place to find sales on those laptops.
  5. Stop posting multiple threads about the same thing.
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