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Ok I know I've posted before but this Black Friday thing has me all confused. So i'm turning to you guys once again (forgive but i ask alot of questions)..

Games I Plan To Play On It:
Sims 3 (All expansion packs so alot of space is a must)
SWTOR (heard it was good, but never had a good enough system to run it)
World of Warcraft (Loved it a few years ago, feel off it, but now i wanna play it again)
The Secret World
Mass Effect Series
Dragon Age Series

Guild Wars 2

My budget limit is around $800 (other money is reserved for games and accessories)

One of my friends said get this one :

I also talked to one of the HP people over the phone and he said try one of the laptops with a AMD processor... so I guess these???*%26CategoryUUIDLevelX%3DjeEQxXjbj14AAAE0syxcZzOW%26os_compare_dte2%3DWindows%2B8%2B64%26Processor_facet_DTE2%3DAMD%26%40Sort.TieredPricing%3D0&PageSize=15

But none of these seem to strike me as the right laptop for these games... opinions, advice, anything would be helpful. Thanks in advance.
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    Neither of those are good.

    Off the top of my head, I'd suggest this:


    i7 3610qm
    GTX 650m
    750 GB 5400 RPM HDD
    4 GB of DDR3 RAM
    (Double the RAM ^)
    Someone may have something better, but that's all I could think of right off. (In general, HP laptops suck for gaming. Bad graphics, bad heat dispersion.
    Source: Personal Experience)

    You also don't want an AMD APU at your budget. That's for in the ~400-500 range. i7 3610qm + 650m will destroy any APU.
  2. Thank you. I knew i wasn't crazy when i thought they were bad choices.
    With the computer you mentioned is it possible to upgrade to Windows 8 (heard it was good)?
    Also should i up the 4GB to 8? Should i spring for certain upgrades that will help the games run better?
    And lastly is the computer easy to upgrade? (I wanna keep it for a few years and upgrade stuff like the graphics card if it gets outdated)
  3. Get the 8GB, don't worry about win8, and most laptops can't be upgraded, so choose wisely
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