How do i know what computer is best for me

My son is in the first year of college, and he wants a Mac book pro 15'. I thank the macbook pro cost to much. Do you know of a computer that will be like the macboo Pro that I can buy for hem with som of the same
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  1. First year of college and wants a mac book pro?
    He just want to show off..

    get him a will suit for first year college..
  2. Which computer (or laptop in this case) he will need will depend on what he is going to use it for. If its little more than an internet browsing, MS office application machine then you dont need to buy anything particularly strong or expensive. Something like an Ultrabook will probably be best due to its SSD storage, which is significantly faster than the HDD that's probably in the Mac Book.
    Though if he is looking for video editing performance or needs strong compute capabilities (Physics simulations, Virtual machines and such), then a more expensive and powerful laptop makes sense.
  3. what is he majoring?
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