How do i know what computer is best for me

My son is in the first year of college, and he wants a Mac book pro 15'. I thank the macbook pro cost to much. Do you know of a computer that will be like the macboo Pro that I can buy for hem with som of the same
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  1. What's your budget?
    And what will the laptop be used for? Gaming? Designing? Or normal use?
  2. This is a double post, love.

    He doesn't need a macbook pro, he just wants to have the newest thing in the class so he can show off. If he's not a computer science major, a normal $400 laptop will serve him fine.
  3. ^ agree. Unless you are going to play games on it, for basic word processing/web/email/youtube/skype any new $400 laptop will work just fine.
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