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Approximately 4 months ago I finished building my PC from scratch with the following components:

- Windows XP
- Asus nforce2 deluxe
- Athlon XP 2600+
- 475W PSU (PC Power & Cooling)
- 2 512 MB Corsair 3500
- Radeon 9700 Pro
- 2 Seagate 120 GB SATA HDDs
- 2 80 GB Maxtor IDE HDDs (OS is on IDE drive)
- Samsung CD/DVD ROM
- Samsung CDRW

The system boots fine and is incredibly stable, but has horrible performance. Launching ANY application for the first time after a boot takes about 11 to 14 seconds (winamp takes 11 seconds to launch). After an app is launched and exited, launching the app a second time occurs almost instantly.

3D game performance is horrible. Games like Medal of Honor and Unreal 2 have very choppy gameplay regardless of how much I drive down the graphics.

I am running Windows XP with the latest Windows hotfixes and Asus and ATI drivers. This issue is not related to the recent Windows Q811493 hotfix problem.

To rule out hotfix/driver issues, I incrementally created OS images using ghost immediately after the OS install, and during different stages of hotfix/driver upgrades (so I have 6 images stored for recall). This performance issue(taking 11-14 seconds to launch applications) existed immediately after the OS install (and before any updates).

I'm kind of convinced this is a hardware problem, but don't know where to start. My CPU clockspeed is ~1.8X GHz.

Please help

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  1. Have you checked the bios to make sure that the cpu is running at full speed.
    Check the drives under device hardware and make sure they are running in dma mode.
    How many programs do you have running in the systray? Keep those to a minimum.
    if your overclocking try returning to default settings.
  2. check your msconfig.exe for programs that load on startup.

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  3. jmecor -- your suggestion doesn't make much sense. I stated above that after a fresh install of windows xp (on a newly formatted hdd) with NO additional software installed, launching any application for the first time after a boot takes from 11-16 seconds.
  4. If there is no additional software installed, how are you launching WinAmp?
  5. If you read my original post, you will see that the problem existed on a fresh install of xp with no non-microsoft products installed and incrementally saved 5 or so additional images as I added hotfixes, updates, and third party software. I cited "winamp" as one of many applications I tested throughout this process.
  6. Gotcha, I apologize. Are IDE controllers defaulting to PIO mode for some reason? I had an HDD that had to be replaced because it wouldn't go into DMA mode. Took me quite awhile to figure that one out. The Secondary channel is quite prone to slipping into PIO mode, but it happened to me this time on the Primary channel. Sorry I can't be of more help.
  7. smitbret,

    Where in XP (or elsewhere) can I check the state of the IDE contollers (i.e. PIO/non-PIO mode) or hdd state (e.g. DMA)? Thanks in advance.
  8. Device Manager…Right click my computer/Properties/Hardware/Device Manager….Check IDE

    Ok, this is before adding any drivers as well? Sounds to me something is hanging. I know I had the same delay after first booting, but after that everything work quickly. My delay was caused by my system searching for my DSL Ethernet card address, once I assign the card an IP address the delay went away, but notice trouble trying to network two PC. That wouldn’t explain poor game performance though. A couple suggestions would be to disable your sound/Ethernet card/ modem or take them out. That might help with the delay. Have you disabled any services, maybe something is causing it, could also check the task manager or run msconfig and close some things out in the startup. As for your HHD setup I don’t know much about SATA, maybe that’s a problem, I don’t know. I can only think to check your Device manager and make sure everything is ok. That’s about all I can think of and it’s a little half a$$ at that.
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