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Productivity (school) laptop under $700

I would like to get a laptop for school use. But I don't know what good options are. Basically, looking for fairly basic functionality (word processing, web browsing, occasional video streaming) while trying to keep price and weight as low as possible.

Here is hoped for criteria:

Budget: 500 or less is ideal, the cheaper the better---but if there is a compelling reason, would consider spending as much as 700.

Weight: As light as possible. 3.5 lbs and less is ideal, under 5 lbs mandatory.

Keyboard: need a full-sized or close to full size keyboard. Word processing is primary function.

Usage: I need to be able to browse web with multiple windows while running multiple word documents easily and fluidly.

If it would be at all possible for this thing to stream a movie from time to time where the picture quality didn't make me want to die, that would be a big plus.

*It would be very nice to have an SSD on this thing, though I know that runs up the price.
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  2. Thank you for your reply!

    The Asus G51 is well over my weight limit. I think that if I am going to get a laptop that size I might as well invest in a monster.

    The HP ProBook 4530 also exceeds the weight limit, though not by much.

    The ThinkPad X120e, however, looks promising. Weight is right on target. The positive comments on the keyboard are very encouraging!
  3. Why is weight a problem? Just curious...
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