hercules geforce 2 ddr 64mb vs ATI Radeon64MB

i know the geforce 2 puts better numbers, but the radeon i heard has better image quality.... which is better?
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  1. My advise Hercules GF2 DDR :cool:
  2. gf2 ultra i mean, not gts.
  3. I have tried both ATI (Rage Fury) and NVIDIA (GeForce 256 SDR) on my PC and have found that:
    - ATI board (appears to) work faster in 2D
    - ATI board is more stable. Have never experienced lockups with 3D games when using ATI board but did experience lockups every now and then with NVIDIA.
    - Picture of ATI board is definitely clearer than picture from NVIDIA board!
    I am about to buy myself a new PC and was considering a Geforce 2 GTS or Ultra board, but my thoughts are going more in the direction of a Radeon board currently. I have always used ATI in the past and am very satisfied with it. So why would I change? I don't actually care if the frame rate is a bit slower, it's fast enough anyway...
  4. Radeon is better for DVD playing i have heard. Mind u i personally would prefer a Geforce 2 64MB just because it would give you better frame rates and if you turn on FSAA then it will look cool. But on the other side of things i believe the Radeon is better because its cheaper by quite a bit and also its meant to be pretty neat in 32bit colour if thats what u r after

    Please dont hurt me.....please
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