Reinstalling windows on an alienware laptop will i still be able to use alienwar

Hello, i've had an alienware m11x for about 3/4 years now and im thinking to do a clean reinstall of windows soon as it's beginning to run rather slowly, i have a couple of questions however, will i be able to re-download the software that controls the keyboard lights/colours? also it uses nvidia optima technology to switch between graphics cards, is this a driver that i simply download from the nvidia website?
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  1. Yes, just go to the websites, and download the drivers and software.
  2. Yeah, of course. You still have the same hardware and therefore, you need to give it software support. Most of this tweaking apps are available at Dell's site, or probably at the dedicated site for Alienware.

    Check there first, im pretty sure they let you download the bundle from the support section.
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