Where's the best place to buy vidoe cards online

Where is the best place online to buy a video card. I have beeen told pricewatch is good, but i wanted to know if there were any others??
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  1. You'd better check dealers from that pricewatch, cuz prices sometimes are different (some of them are cheaper than it says it is). You can try CNET, and also try online auctions (ex. Ebay).
  2. You have been told correctly. I have been buying my parts from pricewatch for years now. They always seem to have the best prices available at the time. My friend just got a vision tek Geforce2 GTS from computergeeks.com for $160. I bought my Asus GeForce2 Deluxe w/ TV in/out for $224 through pricewatch. Check some of the vendors' websites on pricewatch. You might get lucky. I just missed getting a Radeon 64meg DDR card for $135 because of a typo on icom's home page :)

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  3. Also
    Check www.buy.com--always cheap but limited stocks.
    Check www.ibuyer.net--great for price comparisons.

  4. I'd go for www.pricewatch.com if I was you. That's where i get all my STUFF.

    -MP Jesse
  5. Have any of you guys ever tried www.mwave.com ? It has a good layout and the prices aren't half bad either. I order all my motherboards from there and they have there own tech support. Just a thought

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  6. AS said www.Pricewatch.com. Is the place to start, you may also want to check out how the various vendors rate so here is http://www.resellerratings.com to see how they handle various return policies, and other issues, and to read your fellow consumers reports on what they had to say about them.
    Also call their 800 numbers and see if this is the company you want to give your hard earned money to. long waiting for someone to pick up the phone, constant busy signal, rudeness, and unprofessional attitudes. could spell trouble if you must return an item for any reason.
  7. Unless you are already an expert at installing cards, just make sure you get the RETAIL package, not an OEM version. Unless you don't mind not having a users manual to refer to...I personally hate reading everything online and thats why as a first time builder, I am getting everything in a retail packaging.
  8. <font color=blue>I just bought a geforce 2 gts 32-mb for $158 (US) on eBay. I found it on pricewatch for about 5 bucks more...both OEMs. BTW, it's not hard to install an agp graphics card...:P Pretty much just plug it in the slot and turn the power back on...
  9. http://www.pricegrabber.com/home_comp.php

    This isn't a bad place to bookmark also. I used pricewatch for quite some time...then got tired of messing with them. Pricewatch is just an advertising board...like the other search engines. The thing I like about Pricegrabber is that it gives you (most of the time) the amount you will pay from each vendor including shipping. You enter your zip code and it goes from there. The downside to pricegrabber is they are slow to get the newest products listed. Use both search engines. Use these engines to check on buy.com and some other vendors as the prices are different for the same thing...sometimes. Then ALWAYS check with resellerratings.com. I'm not sure, but, pricewatch seems to have more bottom dwellers there with bad reps for sorry service. Oh..and mwave (multiwave) isn't too bad to order from, been using them for over a year, their shipping could be less though.
    Good Luck
  10. If you act quickly (ie. by nv 26) buy.com is a great place to check into. New users get a $30 discount for purchases over 150 bucks. This will not show up on pricewatch unfortunatly. Also, as with many online retalors you have to be carefull not to be gouged by the shipping charges which is very very common. What good is a great price if you have to pay three times the amount in shipping? Again, buy.com is offering free shipping thru the 26th. I just bought my first purchase from them and I am very very happy. There website is second to none in ease of use. Below is a list of my recent purchase.

    1 quantum 30.0 gig HDD ata66/3.5 7200 RPM fireball plus $137.95 less $30.00 quantum rebate total 107.95

    1 TDK cdr recorder media 650 mb 74 min 100 pk
    $38.00 less $20.00 TDK rebate toatal 18.00

    - 30.00 (first time user instant coupon)

    $146.94 - $30.00 quantum rebate - $20.00 TDK rebate = $96.94

  11. Best two places on the internet are Pricewatch.com and Shopper.com

    Shopper.com is very good. Check them out you will not be disapointed.
  12. www.mwave.com kick ass site.

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