best PCI graphics card

I have a FIC CW33 mobo which doesn't have an AGP slot
(i810 chipset). I'm looking for a PCI-graphics card which is
decent for gaming.

Are there any PCI cards which are comparable in performance
to the AGP nVIDIA geforce cards? As a last resort, I would
change my mobo to accomodate a AGP graphics card.
But I would like to get some opinions on using the PCI solution.

Thanks in advance
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  1. If you are looking at a Pci only solution for 3D gaming you may consider a pair of voodoo2 cards. Of course this will take up 3 of your PCI slots. Or you could just get a single voodoo2 and put it with a cheap primary card.
  2. your stuck dude the best solution is a new MOBO. Nothing PCI will compare to an Nvidia gforce agp. You may find one that gives you an improvement over what you have ( no AGP I am assuming you have onboard video right?) however you will forever be sub standard until you get the new mobo.
  3. There is a PCI Voodoo5, which is better than the GF, or GF2MX, but not as good as the GF2GTS.
  4. although I have yet to see any benchmarks for the pci vodoo 5 I highly doubt it could comapre even to the gf or gfmx there are certain limitations to consider ie a pci bus running at 33 mhz compared to an agp running at 266
  5. You might want to check out Innovision's Tornado Geforce 2 MX PCI.

    Here's the homepage:

    Here's a review of the PCI version:

    GeForce Buying Guide,, says the card can be had for $95 at WWW.OCIE.COM.

    I am not making any recommendations. I am just posting what I have found.
  6. The AGP version is $95!

    The PCU version is $146.

  7. Please, stop the knee-jerk reactions. Just because you hate Voodoo or the mere thought of a PCI graphics card doing an OK job (I can't tell which), doesn't mean you should freak out.

    No, I haven't seen benchmarks for it... but I doubt the PCI version is much slower, if at all slower, than the AGP version.

    It's not my fault Nvidia only makes the GF2MX in PCI.
  8. I don't hate PCI cards at all, the question was posed "Are there any PCI cards out there that compare to the gforce AGP cards?" To that the answer is no, Even the AGP versions of the Vodoo cards dollar for dollar can't compare to the Gforce cards, let alone the PCI version. To this I gave an answer. Now, if the question was " Are there any PCI cards that will be suitable to run my current favorite games then the answer quite possible could be yes. Please read the question as it is asked and then answer it accordingly. i will grant you that there definatly are PCI cards out there that will definatly outperform his current onboard video solution.
  9. Thanks to all you guys for the suggestions.
    I'll probably decide on going for a new mobo.
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