L775D-S7135 toshiba satelite

im in the proces of taking mine apart as the display wont turn on now for some reason,my question is how do you get the panel around the keyboard off, ive gotten all the clicps out i can pry each side up but something still holding it on, ive removed every visibile screw and i have no idea whats hoding it on, ive tried pushing it forward and towrds me, hep please!
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  1. ill be paying attention to th epost for the next hour so ill be here to asnwer any questions
  2. oh last thing, ive litterallly searched everywhere for an answer so much googleing, youtubeing, there nothing related to how to get the top panel off
  3. did you check under the battery?
  4. Emerald said:
    did you check under the battery?

    of course... ive taken other laptops apart before but they were HPs and this is a toshiba
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