Asus or MSI?

Which one of these 2 models do you recommend? They both are priced almost identically and given the current market in Iran, one of these two are gonna be my final choice. This is the second laptop i'm buying and my first laptop was again chosen by consulting this wonderful community. So here it goes:

Asus A53
i7 2670QM - GF 630M - 4GB DDR3 - 500GB (~ $800)

i7 3610QM - GF 640M - 6GB DDR3 - 750GB (~ $825)

My main question is which one is gonna last longer? Is Asus really that superior to MSI in terms of build quality?
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  1. MSI CX61 ftw
  2. I've gotten a few ASUS laptops for clients, and they are happy with them. I don't have any experience with MSI's laptop lineup, but I do like their other products. I have a motherboard and 7950 from them. :) I'd say the extra $25 would be worth it for newer tech.
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    MSI and Asus are one of the few manufacturers that will arguably give you quality parts and services on their products. $25 is a very small cost to pay when considering that you get the latest Intel i7, a better GPU, more RAM and HDD space on the MSI CX61.

    I own an Asus laptop, which has worked great for the past 2 years, but if I had the ability to choose an MSI laptop with better specs for an extra 25 bucks, I'd go for it.
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  5. Thanks all of you guys. MSI it is!
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