Tnt2 Ultra. Worth upgrading to MX?

I have a Diamond Viper 770 Ultra (TNT 2 Ultra 32megs). I was wandering if it would be worth for me to upgrade to let say, an Hercules Prophet II MX 32 megs?

The GTS seems a little too expansive for me while the Ultra is simply out of reach.

Should I upgrade?

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  1. hell no! unless you have the spare money to blow, i doubt you're going to see much of a difference in performance.

    i have an MX myself, but i upgraded from my 2 year old Creative Labs TNT, so it was like a whole new world for me.

    if you have the money to spend though, go for it. I wouldn't doubt if it only got you an extra 5-10fps in quake3 though...

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  2. I have an Asus V3800 Ultra in my 950 MHz Duron. I have been considering an MX also, but decided to wait. The NV20 should be out in may, and it will be 700 times faster than the GF 2 Ultra. Details are here in German:
  3. Whether or not it is worth the upgrade all depends on what you use your computer for. I had the same card as you in my athalon 850 and choose to upgrade 6 months or so ago to a leadtech gforce256 ddr (64meg) The improvement was remarkable. However I have not rushed right out to get a gts because the improvement to this card would only be small, measurable only in some benchmark and not noticable in real time apps.

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  4. As far as I have seen, only if U need every last Mhz of speed out of the card, with the latest detenator drivers from Nvidia, a TNT2 ultra comes in slightly slower than a GEF2 MX when compared in 3DMark2000... there is a graph in a PC tech mag I read...

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  5. I just did and I'm glad I did. I run a overclocked system and the mx handles it better. I got a Inno 32mb sdram w/twinview on ebay $125 delivered. It's running 185/186mhz. any higher I get artifacts. The reason I upgraded was the Serious Sam demo. It brought my tnt2, ultlra (Xentor32,better card than the viper) to it's knees.
    I'm glad I did. Though It kind of pisses me off that last summer I paid $249. incl. tax last summer for that card. It's still selling on pricewatch for $175, go figure.

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  6. I have an Ultra TNT2 Xentor and am considering aquiring a GeForce 256 DDR 32 meg Leadtek. Seems like about double the FPS in my apps, with a layout of approx $150. Not a bad trade by my book. Take-Out
  7. The Geforce 2 MX is faster in some things compared to the old GeForce- it depends on what your doing. I would personally buy an MX because it overclocks well and the new Detonator drivers are more focused in improving speed on the GF2 core. But that's just what I would do.

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  8. i think you should wait until the NV20 launch. NV20 is much faster than the NV11 and NV15 (mx and gts) and the price of mx and gts will drop quickly. if NV20 is too high end for you, grab a gts or mx at that time. worth to wait for it.

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  9. I agree, I have an Geforce2 MX and it made a hell of a diff than my old Voodoo3 3000. Bonus in 32bit colors too. I put it up against my brothers Asus V3800 and it well outperformed it. However, I see all the latest in vid cards daily and I have to say, I wish I hadn't spent the money on the MX just yet cause NV20 will drive all Geforce prices down in the new year. I really would've liked the Geforce2 GTS with DDR or equivalent. I would hold off if I were you, at least till the new year. :)

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