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Is there a way to make a share drive on a Windows 2003 folder request for Windows credentials when someone is trying to access it. We have a file server with programs such as Adobe, Microsoft, and etc for when we need to install programs for users. We want only certain users on that file server because don't random user finding our share drive and go shopping for software. One thing that I like about a Mac computer is that it asks for credentials before letting you into the drive. We have a mix of Win XP, Win 7, and Mac users which Mac is taken care of.

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  1. How the folder permission security set?
  2. im not sure, however you can configure proper ntfs/shared permissions on that folder and only give access to the users who should be allowed to install the software. If you have 2003 R2 you can enable Access Based Enumeration, which if a user has the deny permission set I believe the folder will appear empty to them.
  3. Well I have it setup that everyone could read but IT support has full control. The issue is this, when an employee requests a software that needs to be installed, I log on remotely and access the software drive on their computer. Once I am in, I install the needed software and disconnect from the user, but if that user is remembers the path, they could reenter the file server and install more. If I disable everyone to access it, then I would have to connect remotely, sign them off, and log on as administrator, add my name to administrator to the computer, sign off, sign in as my name and install the software. I want to void all that, I just want remotely connect and access the drive on their computer and want it to request some credentials and sign in to the drive with my logins, so they if they try to enter themselves they would need my logins.

  4. Or try with a batch file:

    Limit the read/write access on the network drive to a user of your choice and code that in the batch file. Set the [/PERSISTENT:{YES | NO}] to NO. Now you only need to copy this file to the remote desktop and run it, install the software and delete the .bat file. Hold the shift key to prevent it from going to the recycle bin! The mapping will be gone after the next restart.
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