Geforce 2 MX & Win 2K - Freezing up

My system:

CPU: AMD Thunderbird(tm) 900 MHz
Chipset: VIA Apollo KT133
BIOS: Award Medallion BIOS v6.0 (08/21/00)
OS: Windows NT (5.0, Build 2195)

GRAPHICS CARD: Creative 3D Blaster Geforce 2 MX


I have a duel boot machine and the card runs like a
dream in my 98 partition, but causes system lock ups
in Win 2000. I've tried using the latest Detonator
drivers but to no avail.
It can be quite stable in 2d apps, but 3D apps tend
to crash very shortly after starting.

I can't help but noticing that my IRQ 9 seems extremely
overloaded, and has duplicates:

IRQ 9 Microsoft ACPI-Compliant System
IRQ 9 VIA USB Universal Host Controller
IRQ 9 VIA USB Universal Host Controller
IRQ 9 Creative AudioPCI (ES1371,ES1373) (WDM)
IRQ 9 Lucent Win Modem #2
IRQ 9 Win2000 Promise Ultra100 (tm) IDE Controller (PDC20265)

I'm unable to manually change any of these...

I've installed all the Asus updates for the Bios
and controllers.
I'm out of ideas....


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  1. Are you sure you can't change this in the BIOS???
    I remembered that i had the same problem and the only thing that i did was to go into the BIOS and in the option that lets u change the PCI setting i just assigned my own IRQ to it...that seem to fixed the problem for me...

    Its something similar to this (assuming that u have 4 PCI slots):

    PCI Slot 1: Auto -> (instead of auto change it to a number of your choice)
    PCI Slot 2: Auto -> (same as above)
    PCI Slot 3: Auto -> (same as above)
    PCI Slot 4: Auto -> (same as above)

    if this doesn't help then sorry...

    about your video card crashing in Win 2K...maybe its not 100% compatible with that OS...
  2. You can tell if the IRQ crowding is the cause of your problems by removing all of the cards besides the graphics card. If the problem goes away, then you need to get Win2k to use different IRQs.

    If you have to do this, see "IRQ 9" in the Win2k forum on how to do this, and read thoroughly the knowledge base article at MS on changing from an ACPI Hal to a Standard PC Hal. It is not a trivial task; make sure anything you want is backed up.
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