Help! Screen + power interuption = big problem

Re: HP Envy 17 laptop -Win7, Intel i5, ATI Radeon HD 5850

After 2 years, every time the power adapter is newly plugged in (with or without the battery installed) or there is a power interruption, the screen starts bouncing out of control. A power interruption can be as simple as accidentally unplugging the power cord or a temporary power disruption to the building. After such an event, when the power cord is plugged back in, the screen starts bouncing uncontrollably.

Currently there are two temporary solutions. One, when the power cord is removed and the laptop is working on battery power only, there is no problem (my two HP batteries work fine). Two, when I shut the computer off and let it cool down, I plug the power cord back in and let the battery recharge fully. Once I let it sit plugged in for a few hours (well after the battery has reached full charge) I can sometimes turn the computer on with the power cord plugged in and have it work without a bouncing screen... but sometimes it still bounces. If it's still bouncing at this point, I just have to wait longer, but it's getting worse as time progresses.

I don't want to replace the computer. It works great for my needs for at least another 1-2 years. Suggestions?

Thanks, Steve
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  2. @Mousemonkey - I thought this question may need a better location. Thanks!

    Ok, I really need help from those who know... Any suggestions?
  3. Hmmm, is there anyone on the this site who can provide possible solution/s? ....

    Also, to add info to the original post, recently I removed the battery (and power cord) after another power interruption. After waiting 2 hours, without installing the battery, I plugged the laptop back in. The bouncing screen issue still lingered. At this point, I left the power cord plugged in and waited another 2 hours. The problem was still there. Then, even though the battery was not installed, I left it plugged in overnight (7-8 more hours) before I booted it up. Finally, the problem was gone...until the next time I need to unplug my laptop or it there is a forced power interruption.

    The bottomline, the bouncing screen problem seems to be directly related to power supply/management. It's either the power cord or, more likely, some hardware problem I am unfamiliar with. Has anyone had a similar issue? Possible solutions?
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