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preformance on a tnt2U based system

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a b U Graphics card
November 26, 2000 3:02:12 PM

I did the 3dmark2000 test (1024x768 167bit, triple, P3), and the result was 2468, men,I have a tnt2 ultra!!!!, I bought this card because it was fast, but now, all the new games I have to play it in medium details...yeah!!! medium!!!!!, damm!!!!.. well my question is there is a way to improve my preformance??? (I tried o/c the video card, but 3dmark2000 didn`t show any differense, also changing the DET. drivers, but again, 3d mark didn`t show any differense), or just that result can handle my PC??

My sepc are:
SY - 6vba 133 (with the via pro133 chipset)
Diamond viper v770 ultra (TNT2 Ultra)
128 Ram (Simple Tech, cas 3).

Well, thats all, thanks
November 26, 2000 4:21:34 PM

I think that is about all our compiuters are capable of. I have abou the same setup you do with the p3 500 ,tnt2 ultra and 128mb ram...and I get about the same benchmark using some other programs. I'm thinking of upgrading to the geforce.
a b U Graphics card
November 26, 2000 4:29:48 PM

but I know people who have a celeron and with the same video card (TNT2U) have 3000 in 3dmark2000 (default), di I don`t know what to do..I want to improve preformance WITHOUT buying a new card. If someone have similar system, please post your benchmarks
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November 27, 2000 11:21:10 PM

Yeah, that is about the right area for 3D Mark 2000. Mine is 3016 at 1024 with a 450P3 at 558 and 124mhz front side bus and 128meg of PC133 RAm. This is not bad. This is with a TNT2 Ultra Guillemot Xentor at 183 mem and 175 core. Take-Out Good Luck.

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November 27, 2000 11:48:39 PM

Getting new detonator drivers won't help either. Nvidia stopped trying to optimize Dentonator drivers for the TNT2 chipset a long time ago- it's their way of "fading it out". Crap, they've seemed to even stopped optimizing for the original GeForce GPU too. Overclocking should increase your performance though. Make sure you cool that sucka!

Anyways, those benchmarks sound good to me too. That's what I was getting with my old TNT2.

-MP Jesse